Year in Review: Anolis porcatus in the Dominican Republic

From the paper. A juvenile Anolis porcatus hunts a skipper (Atalopedes mesogramma - Thanks to Jason Weintraub for the ID) in a city park in Baní, DR. Photo by Miguel A. Landestoy

It has been a good year in my research life.  I have been lucky to be involved in some fun projects that hit the presses in 2012. Over the next few weeks I will post a brief summary of each, in the order they were published. Links to access each paper can be found on the publications page.

Earlier this year, Yoel Stuart and colleagues (myself included) published a report on the expanding distribution of the introduced Cuban Green anole (Anolis porcatus) in the Dominican Republic. Previously this species was restricted to the Santo Domingo metropolis, including the airport. Recently a Harvard group led by Yoel, and Miguel Landestoy independently discovered two new populations, both to the east and west of Santo Domingo. In the paper, we present our findings on these two new populations, suggest explanations for the ability of A. porcatus to spread to these sites, and make suggestion about managing further spread.