Geckos in Boston

I just heard from Jonathan Losos that I’m in a video playing at the Boston Museum of Science. Here is the backstory…

Before starting my PhD research on anoles, I studied New Caledonian geckos with Todd Jackman and Aaron Bauer at Villanova University. I continued that research while I worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.  I was approached by our exhibits staff to serve as a scientific advisor for a traveling museum exhibit on geckos that was being developed by Clyde Peeling’s Reptileland.

For the exhibit, Geckos | Tails to Toepads, I filmed a small vignette where I describe morphological and molecular systematic techniques. Visitors use a touchscreen to interact with me while they try to determine if an imaginary sample represents a new gecko species. It was a fun experience, although I learned that acting does not come naturally to me. If you happen by the museum, let me know if anyone is visiting the kiosk and whether it seems well received.