Skull of male Anolis distichus. Check out that dewlap-extending hyoid!

Harvard PhD candidate Philip Lai recently used an Anolis distichus specimen to practice his X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography (aka microCT) wizardry. The technology takes many X-Ray images of a subject from varying angles then relies on powerful software to reconstruct a three dimensional representation based on the reflectance or transmission of X-Rays through different tissue types (bone in this case). The results are quite impressive and provide a really unique view of a species that I have spend countless hours studying. Now that I have a 3D shapefile I’m working on getting a baseball sized skull 3D printed.

Using your mouse you can rotate, zoom in, and zoom out of the image below.


  1. Siobhan Leachman

    This is so cool! I’ve added an external link to the Wikipedia page on Anolis distichus so more people get a chance to see it. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bark_anole

    1. Anthony Geneva

      That is a great idea, thank you for doing that.

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