Dissertation Research
I am interested in the role and prevalence of hybridization and introgression in the the process of speciation. I use population genomic, phylogenetic and traditional genetic tools to ask questions about hybridization in model and non-model systems. My dissertation research focuses on a diverse group of anoles from Hispaniola and the Bahamas. I am using experimental laboratory hybridizations and genome-wide sequence data to assess the degree of hybridization and introgression between these species. Furthermore, these data allow me assess how natural selection and F1 hybrid fitness influence speciation in this group.

Gmin Details

Thanks for visiting the details page for our SMBE 2014 poster: Poster PDF [figshare] | Gmin Manuscript [arXiv]   Definition Gmin is a simple sequence measure intended to rapidly scan population genomic datasets to identify putative regions of gene flow. This measure is calculated as the ratio of the minimum genetic distance between two individuals …

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