R packages published

Just a quick note that I have posted (my first!) two R packages to GitHub. The first (POPBAMTools) is a set of functions to organize, annotate and analyze data from the population genomic software POPBAM, written by my co-advisor Dan Garrigan. The second package, AFLPTools, performs error rate calculation of AFLP data to assist in the selection of appropriate locus and phenotype thresholds.

These packages can be installed from the R console using Hadley Wickham’s devtools package.


The hard work of others has made publishing R packages on GitHub embarrassingly easy. I largely followed a tutorial by Hilary Parker. This approach uses the aforementioned devtools package and roxygen2 to make the creation of documentation a snap.  Another extremely helpful resource is an in-progress book all about R packages by Hadley Wickham, that he has posted in its current state online.