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R packages published

Just a quick note that I have posted (my first!) two R packages to GitHub. The first (POPBAMTools) is a set of functions to organize, annotate and analyze data from the population genomic software POPBAM, written by my co-advisor Dan Garrigan. The second package, AFLPTools, performs error rate calculation of AFLP data to assist in the selection of …

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How to set up a lizard room

A few years ago the Glor lab wrote a series of posts on Anole Annals about the evolution of our lizard room at the University of Rochester. The room has since moved to the University of Kansas and continues to be successful using many of the same methods.  Today Jonathan Losos collected our efforts into …

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Running structure on BlueHive

The folks in the Glor lab have been doing a lot of AFLP work recently and using structure to analyze these data.  To identify K (the number of genotypic clusters in a sample in individuals) we have been using a hierarchical approach proposed by Coulon and colleagues. We’ve largely been happy with this method, but …

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